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Not only do we try and produce content to engage and educate our fans by bringing on guests from different backgrounds, but often we are asked to be guests on a variety of shows, Podcasts, and other sports talk media. Below are just a few of the guest appearances we have made and guests we have had on our show. Stay tuned for more to come!

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Guest Appearance 

Take a listen to our guest appearance on Two Middle-Aged Men In Cleveland Podcast with Ted Klopp and Ken Dworznik. 

Guest Appearance

Join Martha Hughes and myself as we chat about running injuries in her podcast titled, Martha Runs The World. 

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Guest Appearance

We appear on Devils Advocate Sports Talk Live on Facebook every Tuesday at 8 pm. Tune in to hear our guest commentary and sport injury updates!

Blue Wire Network

The Injured List Podcast ® was at one time part of  the Blue Wire Podcast community as a member of their "Hustle" program. Unfortunately, the program was discontinued abruptly in early 2022. 

Blue Wire is a sports podcasting platform bringing together the next generation of journalists, influential fans, commentators – from social media to developing former athletes. Our mission is to lead the conversation in sports on social media and continue that conversation on hundreds of sports podcasts that reach fans across the globe.

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Kim Brady 

Kim Brady was a former DI collegiate soccer player at UC Berkeley in California. She joined us on the show to speak about how she fought through career threatening spine injuries to have a successful and fulfilling soccer career. Even more impressive however, was how she was able to transition that success to the world of business as a successful entrepreneur and now business coach!

Bill Hobson

In this episode we interview Bill Hobson, former beat reporter of the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons and other Detroit professional sports teams. He is now owner of Hobson Media Enterprises. He joins us to share his wisdom and stories of his interactions with players and staff throughout the years. Plus we get to ask Bill about his "sources" when it came time to report on the injured players.

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Jase Kraft

In this episode we interview Jase Kraft, former champion DII indoor track and cross country athlete, NCAA All American.  For all you running fans out there!  You DO NOT want to pass on this episode. Hear Jase talk about his career, and how he came back from burnout to revive his running, professional, and personal career!

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Kelly Gunther

In this episode we speak with former 2016 Olympic Long Track Speed Skater Kelly Gunther.  She shares her amazing story with us. From growing up in a single parent home, to making the 2010 Olympic team, then 24 hours later being replaced, to overcoming a horrific ankle injury and THEN making the 2014 Olympic team that travelled to Sochi Russia. This is an amazing story of resilience and perseverance by a truly gifted athlete and more importantly, person. 

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Guest Appearance

I helped Rob and Sal, Two very RAD DADs with their fantasy football lineup by answering some of their questions about their favorite injured football players. All in hopes of getting their fantasy roster picks correct!

Jordan Skopp

On this episode, we are joined by Jordan Skopp of Foul Ball Safety Now.

Foul Ball Safety Now! is a campaign started by Jordan Skopp, a Brooklyn realtor, lifelong baseball fan, and author of a forthcoming book about the wildly overlooked scandal in the professional baseball industry – the all-too-frequent incidence of fans being maimed by dangerous foul balls due to the lack of extended protective netting, and related failures to educate fans about their assumed risk at the ballgame. 

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Gaby Villa- Nutrition Expert

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Gaby Villa is a sports nutritionist and the founder of IntensEATfit. She specializes in optimizing performance for triathletes and ultra-distance runners by making food their best ally in sport and life. Over the past 9 years Gaby has supported more than 500 athletes including State Sport Teams in their preparation for their most important events including national and international championships. Gaby is on a mission to empower people to achieve their personal best by fueling with purpose while building a happy and strong body. She strives to contribute to a world that enables and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for everybody.

Check out our Guest Gaby Villa:

3x Karate World Champion 
Elisa Au

Elisa Au is the most decorated American karate athlete of all time. She is the only female athlete in the history of the sport to claim gold medals in two individual events at the same world championship (2004).

In 2017, after retiring from karate competition for over seven years, Elisa returned to the sport arena in hopes of qualifying for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. After suffering an ACL injury and surgery in 2018, Elisa made yet another comeback and is currently competing worldwide in hopes of achieving her Olympic dream. She is also a real estate agent in the Chicagoland area, public speaker and entrepreneur.

Check out our Guest Elisa Au:

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David McGowan- "A Heart Felt Story"

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David McGowan is a former professional rugby player hailing from Ireland. The Ballymote native played professionally with French club, La Rochelle to end his career. 

The 6'3" athlete was the Sligo Club's first professional rugby player to emerge from Sligo and went on to play with Connacht, Irish Youth before finishing his career in France. 

He took ill after a serious cardiac event on June 17th, 2020 and was hospitalized in critical condition on life support. 

Click on the images to the left to hear his amazing story of recovery and resilience.

Belly Up Media Network

Belly Up Media Network: In April of 2022, The Injured List Podcast ® officially partnered up with Belly Up Sports Podcast Network, now known as Belly Up Media. 

“The Internet’s Sports Bar”, Belly Up Media

Originated out of Toledo, Ohio. Three friends,Mike, Blaine & Brandon, came together with a plan to take on the sports mainstream in a hope to change the every day sports norm. Thus creating Belly Up Sports!

Ya, we get it….You may be asking, “Why the name Belly Up Sports?” Well, when we first started some said we’d go “belly up”. So we replied, “bring it on”, and made it our name. Turns out, three plus years later and we’re still here.

We also really like the image of bellying up to a sports bar because that’s us. But just to be clear, you know that person who belly ups to the bar and spouts off stupid, non-sensical stuff? Yeah, that’s not us. We’re the people who make fun of that guy while spouting off original, funny and clever stuff that you love. And we do so on topics ranging from the NFL to NASCAR, from WWE to WNBA, from the NHL to nearly every other sport – much like you’d find in a sports bar. We like to say we are “The Internet’s Sports Bar.”

And whether you like podcasts, forums or articles, we’ve got it covered. We even have some pretty cool merchandise to boot – though we don’t actually sell boots, yet.

“We are what they aren’t.” We aren’t ESPN, Yahoo, Deadspin or Barstool, nor do we want to be. We’re the people you want to hang out with, not the people you want to avoid! So here’s to hoping you Belly Up with us.

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Sean Colas, Owner, Sponsor

"Not only is Brian Scott an expert in his field, but he is a very astute businessman. He was able to deliver on his promise as an advertiser for our shop. He integrated our coffee shop into his show in seamless fashion and somehow tied together the coffee industry, with sports medicine! A true expert, and professional through and through!"

As Featured in June 2021 issue of Podcast Magazine, Under The Radar

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