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Inside The Medical Tent: Week 9

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

With so many hamstring injuries making appearances inside the medical tent for week 9, I tried to find some new ones to break down. We did get some season-ending news this week though in the form of Michael Thomas. As I had stated in this series before, this did not surprise me. I don’t doubt he is going to get surgery on the foot, but it feels like a situation he could have taken care of earlier if he really wanted to. His contract will make this offseason interesting, but I think one way or another we see Thomas on a new team.

As always, let’s bring in Brian Scott and start taking a peak inside the medical tent.

Andrew Leduc: Ekeler popped up with an abdomen injury in practice this week. Do you expect him to be able to play?

Brian Scott, MEd, PA-C, ATC-ret: He popped up this week on the team’s injury report with an abdominal injury. This is the first time he has appeared on the report this season. He has been having a resurgent year. He was limited in practice this week, but I do not see this as being anything too serious and we should see him suit up and take a full workload this weekend.

Prognosis: An active Austin Ekeler would be great news for the Chargers and fantasy managers alike. With Keenan Allen and Mike Williams already ruled out, there is going to be plenty of work that needs to go to someone. Ekeler is sure to be in for a huge role alongside the likes of Gerald Everett and Joshua Palmer.

Andrew Leduc: Returning to practice this week, does he immediately jump back in, or is this just the first week of a couple of rehab practices?

Brian Scott, MEd, PA-C, ATC-ret: He has been sidelined since week 4 with an ankle injury. He finally made it back on the practice field this week in a limited capacity, so its not likely we see him again this weekend if he is unable to get through a full workout. If he cant this week,  would expect that they ramp him up next week and we see him back week 10.

Prognosis: The recent news of Michael Thomas being done and Landry still not ready to go just means more outbreak opportunities for Chris Olave. No matter who has been at quarterback, Olave has been able to find success. I am also still standing by the idea of a rise in usage for Juwan Johnson. His ability to play out as a wide receiver is going to give the Saints a weapon they are going to need now anywhere on the field.

Andrew Leduc: Are you surprised by the surgery for Bateman?

Brian Scott, MEd, PA-C, ATC-ret: Unfortunately for the talented WR in Baltimore, this could not have been a worse outcome. There were moments when it appeared that he was going to be playing through this injury. With the reports that kept coming out in the press, I was concerned that he might in fact have a Lisfranc sprain. I had mentioned previously, that when players try to play through a LisFranc sprain, it typically does not end well. In most cases, it will result in the player having season ending surgery. So, was I surprised? No. I am on several other sports talk shows and podcasts and have been saying all along that this smells like a Lisfranc ligamentous injury. Now, its been confirmed and Bateman will be headed to IR for the remainder of the season. This is very reminiscent of Cam Newton trying to play through his Lisfranc injury a few years ago.

Prognosis: This was a big blow to a lot of hot-take specialists from the offseason. This is also a pretty big blow to the Ravens. With a hobbled Mark Andrews and no Bateman now, Lamar Jackson may choose to take the game into his own hands more. I actually think he will continue to throw as he has. Devin Duvernay seems to be the receiver in Baltimore that has taken a step forward this year. You couple him with a capable Demarcus Robinson and the Ravens can still make some noise on offense. I picked up Robinson in a few leagues to play this week because of injuries and bye weeks.

Johnathan Taylor

Andrew Leduc: Given this is a retweek of an injury he missed time for earlier in the season, can we expect the same time line as then, or is this potentially a worse situation now?

Brian Scott, MEd, PA-C, ATC-ret: Last weekend he missed a few snaps but returned to the game after aggravating his ankle that he had previously injured. He missed two games because of the first injury. Now this week, his status seems to be up in the air. He missed practice Wednesday and the team reported that they will be re-evaluating him leading up to the weekend game. This could truly be a game-time decision. I am not sure we necessarily need to see him take a full practice, but if he does not at least get on the field for a limited session this week, it will be hard to trust that he will have any meaningful impact this weekend should he suit up.

Prognosis: Update since this interview was done, Johnathan Taylor is OUT this weekend. With the trade of Nyheim Hines to Buffalo earlier this week, Deon Jackson should play the main role in the Colt’s backfield. Zach Moss and Phillip Lindsay will also be in the mix, but I don’t expect much. With that said, I would slow the roll on Jackson for this week against the Patriots. This is a team that held Nick Chubb to under 100 yards. The numbers say the Patriots can give up yards on the ground, but they have been skewed by quarterback rushes. The Patriots have been weak in that area. I see Jackson as a FLEX play at best this weekend.

Andrew Leduc: Seems like he dodged a bullet with this being a knee sprain. What is the realistic timeline for that injury?

Brian Scott, MEd, PA-C, ATC-ret: With a week 10 bye looming, I think we will likely see him only miss the next few weeks in preparation for a return week 11. Sounds like the knee sprain is not too serious, but anytime your dealing with an injury like this, best to play it safe and make sure you are as close to 100% as you can be before stepping back on the gridiron. Look for him to log some limited practices next week before the bye as he ramps up his activity. If not, then it could be more extended time out.

Prognosis: Parker seems to have gotten lucky here. He has been the definition of boom or bust this year so far. As to be expected, it has taken some time to get comfortable in the new offense. Also, with the multiple changes at quarterback, finding chemistry in his new environment has been tough. He has shown at times though his physical ability and high-end talent. He could be a weapon going forward for the Patriots, especially if they get speedster rookie Tyquon Thorton more involved to open the field up.

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Author Andrew Leduq, Belly Up Media
Contributor Brian Scott, MEd, PA-C, ATC- Ret. Host of The Injured List Podcast®

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